Our Commitment to Traceability


Irish and European Union food law requires all food business wholesalers/distributors to be ISO Thumbnail0able to trace the food they receive back to the immediate supplier of that food. Then, following food handling, be able to trace the distribution of food, forward from their own business to their immediate customer. At Corrib Food Products (CFP), we have developed and documented an effective food traceability system, whereby we can track and trace our food through the food chain and have integrated it into our Food Safety Management System. 

We have 2 main objectives integrated into our Food Traceability System: 
  1. To identify uniquely a batch of food in a way which allows tracking the physical flow of the food forwards to the immediate customer and tracing the physical flow of food backwards to the immediate supplier. 

  2. To create and maintain accurate traceability records. 


Key steps of our Food Traceability System
  •  Scope of the Traceability System: CFP as a wholesaler/distributor of foodproducts have defined the scope of the Food Traceability System as Supplier and Customer Traceability. Supplier Traceability involves the traceability of the suppliers food and packaging to us, and Customer Traceability involves tracking the food leaving CFP to the immediate customer.

  • Optimal batch size: Created by our food suppliers.  


  • Traceability Information:
    Supplier Traceability Information required is listed below and retained during our Goods Inwards procedures:

  •  Supplier name, address and contact details

  •  Name and description of food

  •  Any supplier batch codes

  •  Quantity

  •  Weight (if applicable)

  •  Date and Time of receipt

  •  Product Temperature

  •  Best Before/Expiry date

  •  Received by

  •  Lot number (if any)

  •  Details of haulier (if applicable).  

Any food deliveries that are broken down when transferred to their appropriate bin locations during storage are handled in a manner that ensures that the batch codes remain with them at all times.

Customer Traceability Information as follows is found on the delivery docket/invoice and/or product label:

  •  The name, address, and contact details of the immediate customer

  •  Name, address, and contact details of the transport firm (own transport vehicles used)

  •  Date of delivery

  •  Product name, nature and description

  •  Batch codes

  •  Quantity

  •  Supplier details.  

At CFP it is very important to us to trace Non-Conforming Product as part of our overall Traceability System by including returns or food that is disposed. We have a Customer Complaints Log which details records such as: nature of returned food, name and address of customer returning the food, date of return, reason for return, quantities and batch details, and supplier details.

  • Record Keeping and Retrieval:
    Traceability Records are held on file in keeping with the time period as specified by food law and are available upon demand. 


  • Reviewing and Verifying Traceability Systems:
    The Traceability System is reviewed at least annually to ensure that it is delivering the required level of traceability and can produce accurate traceability records. A reverse Traceability Audit is carried out at least annually which involves verifying the documentation chain from point of despatch back to source.


  • Documenting the Food Traceability System:
    The Traceability System is documented and includes details of the elements listed above.






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